July 24

Composing A Winning Academic Essay About Yourself

You are familiar with writing academic essays. But this essay writing is drastically different from crafting your college admission essay. This is because your college application essay should reflect the real you, looking beyond your grades, academic career, prizes and extracurricular activities. In reality this is an ‘introduce yourself essay, which will create a positive image of you. If you feel that this is scary and impossible, here are some practical hints to help you.

The main difference from writing a college essay lies in understanding why the admission committee should consider you.

  • Write down the reasons why you want to get admitted to this college. Mark as ‘A’
  • Read the essay prompt over and again to understand what it wants. Write the requirements down and mark as ‘B’
  • Reflect on the points which describe you the best. Think about your strengths or how your friends describe you. Write the points down and mark as ‘C’
  • Place all the papers side by side and look for points which match best.
  • Select this point/s for further development. As you choose to tell your story, make this point/s your focus or topic.
  • Think and write down the points which support this topic. This will be the outline of your essay.

Like a college essay you should have a beginning, middle and end. Think about your introduction – what do you want to use? An anecdote? Incident? Quotation? Dialogue? A question? Your opening sentences will set the tone of your essay. It is better that you start with the option what comes to your mind naturally.
Once you have decided on the opening, revise the outline and jot down points which will flesh out the main points in your outline.

So you have an outline, a beginning and a rough idea about what to write. It is time that you start writing the essay. Let the words flow and don’t stop yourself! Keep it simple but follow your natural style and voice. This will incorporate a personal flair and make the essay sound real. Once you finish the draft, start revising. Or leave it up to professionals from Assignment Geek.

While editing keep your focus narrow and personal.

  • Stick to your main idea from beginning to end.
  • Be specific and avoid clichés and predictable phrases. Be vivid and detailed with facts, events, quotations, examples, and reasons.
  • Don’t lose the personal touch – be yourself as this is one important factor which will make your essay unique.
  • Be ruthless in cutting out the flab. At the same time check for inconsistency in style, language and grammar.
  • Proofread using specialized software.

Let your essay sit for the while your excitement of finishing the job cools and then revise your essay again. It will also help if you –

  • Get another person whose opinion you value to read the essay and note down their observations. This will help you to understand if your communication is clear.
  • Read your essay backwards. This may sound silly but it is a great to spot grammatical and typographical errors.
  • You can also try reading your essay loudly. This will help you find a typographical error as well as spot an incorrect punctuation.

Writing an application essay needs time and effort. You can look up examples on the net to get a better idea but search properly. You shouldn’t look for how to write an application. If you are still not confident then you can commission your essay to college essay help, but finding the right help for the job might be troublesome.

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