Wise advice on essays Mon, 20 Jan 2020 13:57:32 +0000 en-US hourly 1 How To Craft An Interesting Essay Introduction Paragraph Mon, 20 Aug 2018 07:03:21 +0000 An essay introduction paragraph determines whether are reader keeps reading or abandons your paper. In fact, it is used as a hook to capture the attention of readers and compel them to read beyond the introduction. This is why expert writers insist on a lot of attention going into this paragraph.
There are strict requirements for an introduction to make it captivating. The essay introduction structure requires you to adhere to the following.

  • It should be brief- it provides a snippet of what to expect in the entire paper. This should be done briefly to avoid preempting what is contained in the body. A good introduction example will help you decide on the best length. Remember that the length depends on that of your entire paper. A longer paper will feature more paragraphs of introduction. A short paper requires a few sentences.
  • Arouse curiosity- use the introduction to make your reader curious of your ideas. This is done by giving hints of what is coming in the body. In fact, this is why objective questions are included in the introduction paragraph. They leave the reader longing to peruse through the body of your work to get more details. Use an essay introduction outline to know the ideas that go into the introduction and those to be included in the body.
  • Sets the pace- the introduction determines the perception a reader will have of your work. From your narrative essay introduction a reader will determine the perspective you adapt in your writing. This sets expectations that should be met in your writing.

Each introduction is unique. Only the captivating introductions will add value to a paper. In fact, an introduction that is mundane will kill the prospects of a paper that has excellent points. Here are ideas you can use to spice up your introduction.

Tell a Story
Stories are memorable and help to put an idea into perspective. Open your paper with a story that is relevant to your topic of discussion. The mystery in the story or images used will help readers to begin thinking about what each character in your story represents in real life. This story must be short to avoid distracting the reader and also relevant to the topic.

Uses Statistics or Figures
A few statistics or figures will tell a lot about a subject. Look out for proofread essay introduction samples that use statistics or figures to tell a story that would require a thousand words. The statistics must be credible and obtained from an authoritative source. Any compromise will put your facts and conclusions in doubt.

Give a quote
Quotes from authorities in an industry give credence to an argument. The quote should relate to your subject for it to have an impact. However, it may also be controversial to allow you spend the body of your paper justifying your position and dispelling others. The quote must be accurate and not taken out of context.

Raise Controversy or Contradiction
There are phrases peddled around so much that you would think they are verified. Raise the hairs of your readers by giving such a contradicting statement to open your paper. People are alert and will want to see what you mean. They will dig deeper into your paper.

Use an essay introduction generator to make the paragraph captivating to read. The generator captures your main points and helps you to make the opening statement interesting. The best time to craft an introduction is after completing the body. You have a better idea of what to introduce. Reach best essay and thesis services
to save your time and get excellent grades.

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Expert Tips On Crafting The Most Captivating Essay Hook Fri, 17 Aug 2018 07:53:57 +0000 Like in conversations, a reader will make a decision to continue engaging your paper or to drop it after reading the first few lines. This is why every writer must know how to hook up a reader on to your ideas and paper through the first few sentences. According to experts, a reader will be hooked by the first two or three sentences. This is continued to the entire introduction. It means that with a boring introduction, the reader will drop your paper instantly for other engagements.

Hook definition is fluid because different writers adapt unique techniques. This arises because of variation in instructions and requirements for different papers. Each hook fits a particular topic or type of paper.
Here are hook examples and areas where they can be used effectively.

  • Statistics- a single number can say more than an entire paragraph. When used at the introduction, it will capture the attention of a reader who wants to know what these numbers mean. The statistics should be obtained from an authoritative source and must be relevant to your topic. They should add value to your objectives and thesis questions. Get an essay introduction example from a credible writing service to understand how to execute the use of statistics as a hook.
  • Story- a story is captivating to read. It helps to put the story into perspective and ignite the element of imagination that a reader should have when approaching a paper. Experts on how to write a hook consider this to be the most effective hook to use. It is perfect when you want to bring your reader to your line of thinking as long as the story is relevant.
  • Quote- a quote creates a context and also assigns authority to your work. Quotes are captivating because they concentrate wisdom and are drawn from authorities in the field. Choose a quote that represents your line of thought. It could also be contrary if the aim of your paper is to negate certain perceptions and ideas. The quote should be relevant to the subject under discussion. You must never quote out of context because it will damage the credibility of your assertions.
  • Contradiction or misconception- there are many believes and fallacies that are construed to be true by the general public. This is a perfect place to start when opening your paper. This approach is only reserved to experts who know what is a hook and the impact it will have on your writing. With a misconception or contradiction, the reader begins to argue or engage with your paper immediately. You will spend the paper unrolling the mystery of this misconception and contradiction.
  • A Rhetorical Question- “How much is the life of a person worth?” Such a question is bound to elicit different answers depending on individual perceptions. Immediately a reader begins reading, the debate commences in his head. It generates interest in your topic and the paper at large.

With all these examples, it might sound confusing to understand what is a hook in writing. Each writer should find the most appropriate hook for his paper. The hook must be brief and fast to understand since you do not have the time to explain. It must appear at the beginning of your paper and should be relevant to your topic. When a hook is not clear, it will make your work even more difficult to understand. College homework help is always easy to find.

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Interesting Tips And Topics For A Top Grade Essay On Global Warming Thu, 16 Aug 2018 07:27:10 +0000 Global warming is one of the most debated issues in the world today. The negative impact of the greenhouse gases has seen more emphasis on this topic as governments and environmental activists seek to increase environmental awareness. It is no wonder then that your teacher might give an essay on global warming for students. It is a tough undertaking which requires intense research. For such a pertinent issue, there is a lot of literature and sifting through it all can overwhelm you.

Unlike any other essay, you need to use facts and statistics to support your argument which makes things harder. In this article, you will find tips on how to compose a good essay on global warming including interesting topics to guide you.

How to Start Your Global Warming Essay
While most students rush into the writing task in an attempt to get it over with, this is not the best approach. You need to:

  • Take your time, understand the essay requirements
  • Identify the required resources
  • Seek any clarification you might need

These are basics of good essay writing, and you can apply to ace your global warming paper easily. Before setting out to work on the paper, you need to do some research on the topic. Read and watch videos on global warming and see the impact it has on the planet.

When you have these facts, it is easier to compose a winning essay. More importantly, you need to craft a strong thesis for your essay. It will guide your writing and prevent you from deviating from the chosen line of thought.
It is important to identify the type of short essay on global warming you will write. You can opt for an argumentative essay, descriptive, cause and effect or any other. Your thesis will help guide the writing you will do. Take time to learn more about these different types of essays to guarantee you conform to the requirements.

Interesting Sample Global Warming Topics
You can use some of these topics to start on your essay:

  • What’s the impact of climate change on human health?
  • Is there a relationship between global warming and climate change?
  • Explain the recent surge in wildfires using recent studies on global warming
  • The issue of the Ever-Disappearing Rainforest has a close relationship with global warming. Discuss
  • Discuss global warming causes and effects
  • Write a greenhouse effect essay and show how it has impacted on the environment
  • What solutions would you propose to the impact of global warming amongst households?
  • Discuss the importance of recycling plastic about global warming
  • What is sustainability for businesses, individuals, and the environment and how can it help curb effects of global warming
  • Discuss several successful approaches to the global warming problem that already in place

Leveraging Professional Writing services
If you have little time to work on the paper or you have no idea where to start, it is advisable to seek professional help from an online writer. There are various writing services offering invaluable services to students. By collaborating with an expert in this field, you will save time, learn more about the topic and have a custom paper written on the topic. It is understandable that essay writing on global warming is a daunting task for any student, but you can now make life easier by identifying a reliable writer.

If you have a long essay on global warming, these tips will get you started. You can also find an experienced writer from a reliable online writing service.

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An Effective Guide On The Main Essay Format Styles Mon, 13 Aug 2018 09:20:00 +0000 Essay writing is an unavoidable task in college and many students struggle with it. With so much time spent in class, students find the research and writing tasks tough to handle. Now that the essay will add to your final grade, it is important to learn how to get it right. In addition to learning the basics of writing, you also need to understand the essay format types including APA, MLA, and Chicago. Most institutions require students to follow a particular writing format.

For this reason, you need to inculcate the guidelines of each format to ace your essay. This article highlights the basics of writing following these formats.

Starting your Research Paper
Before you even decide on your essay format template, it is important to understand the requirements of the project. Read through the paper guidelines and seek clarification if you need any. Prepare for the paper by setting aside time on your schedule and always start your research as soon as possible. Identify the resources you need, find a good topic and a thesis which will form the foundation of your paper.

Key Sections in Essay Format
Whatever the type of format you follow, it is important first to create an essay format outline. It should include a Title Page, Abstract, introduction (research question, thesis), the body of the work (arguments), conclusion and Works cited (bibliography). There are changes to these sections depending on the writing formats as seen below:

MLA Writing Format
The Modern Language Association (MLA) formatting guidelines focus on humanities. Some basic requirements include:

  • Font: Should be 12 point Times News Romans
  • Spacing: Double spacing throughout the essay
  • Heading: for essay format MLA, include on the upper right-hand corner student’s name, professor’s name, and course and date each on different lines.
  • Margins: 1-inch margins from each side.
  • Page numbers: Includes student’s last name and page number
  • In-text citation: Required when paraphrasing or quoting an external source and the work must appear on the Works Cited page.
  • Works cited page: The annotated bibliography is titled “Works Cited” in essay format for college

APA Writing Format
The American Psychological Association (APA) writing guidelines work for psychology papers, social sciences, humanities, education, and nursing. The basics of essay format in APA include:

  • Font: Times New Roman 12pt font
  • Title Page: Includes the title of the essay, student’s name, and the name of the institution.
  • Spacing: double spacing
  • Margins: 1-Inch margins on all sides.
  • Heading: At the top of every page and includes a shortened title of the paper.
  • Page Numbers: Insert a page number on the right
  • References page: Last page of the work and every entry should include Author (last name, first and middle initial], Year of Publication, The title of work, Publisher City, State: Publisher.

Chicago/Turabian Essay Format
Commonly used for social sciences and historical journals. Some of the guidelines include:

  • Font: Times New Roman 12pt font
  • Spacing: Double spaced used all round except for block quotes.
  • Page numbers: Student’s name and page number at the top right of every page. No page number on the title page.
  • Footnotes: required for on paraphrased or quoted passages
  • In-text citation: Includes the author’s last name, publication date, and page number.
  • Bibliography: A page titled “Bibliography” at the top center of the page lists all sources they used in writing the paper in alphabetical order.

Learning all these formats is not easy. Working with a writing service can make things easier for you. They have essay format samples and professional writers who can provide custom essay papers in any format.

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How To Complete A Quality Essay On Population With Ease Wed, 08 Aug 2018 07:03:09 +0000 A simple essay on population could end up being the most challenging assignment you take in class. Everyone can get information about causes of population growth and decline. The defining factor is how you present your ideas. There are simple steps you can take to reduce the time taken to complete the paper without affecting its quality.

Gather All Materials You Require
A lot of time is lost as you fetch books, articles and other reference materials in your writing process. To avoid constant stoppage, it is advisable that you collect all the materials you require. These materials should be obtained from a reliable source. Quality reference materials make your speech on population captivating to read and listen to. Use books by authoritative writers and publishing houses. Such books contain compelling points and credible data that will not contradict the information that is already available in the public domain.

Find a Proper Work Environment
The most compelling population growth essay requires a lot of attention to details. In fact, you might have the best ideas but fail to produce an interesting paper because you cannot concentrate and think straight. This is why it is advisable to identify a quiet and comfortable work environment. When you are engrossed in the paper, you can produce more insightful arguments. You will also take less time and effort to complete the paper. The best environment is quiet, warm and free of distractions like television, music, messenger, games, conversations and social media networks, among other distractions. The mind will be settled to produce better quality work.

Consult When the Need Arises
Students waste a lot of time stranded with crafting sections of a population essay in English like introduction, citations, referencing, topic and such other elements of writing. There are numerous ways in which you can save time and complete the work fast. Your teacher is available if you are experiencing difficulty with any section. You may also obtain help from writing services or from your peers. Examples can also be used for reference purposes. It helps you save time and therefore complete the paper in the shortest time possible.

Develop an Outline
An outline for your essay on increasing population guides you on the points to include and the order in which they will appear. This will also help in identifying all the points already generated to determine whether they will be sufficient for the task. With an outline, you can place different points strategically within the paper to produce a desired impact. Get a sample outline from your tutor, library or writing services. Be cautious about your source because a poor quality outline will mislead your writing, leading to poor performance. An outline makes your paper more organized and easy flowing as one reads from the introduction to conclusion.

Seek Help Writing the Paper
There are professional writers ready to assist you produce a captivating paper on causes of overpopulation. These are professionals who work full time as writers. They take instructions given by your tutor and will help you complete the assignment in the shortest time possible. The writers are trained and experienced in academic writing. With their dedication, you will get your paper in a few hours or days, enabling you to beat the submission deadline.

Population essay writing should not be a headache. Use samples, consult your teacher or purchase essay from a professional writer. This will reduce the time and effort required to complete the paper.

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Effective Tips For Your Essay About Immigration Fri, 03 Aug 2018 07:09:00 +0000 Immigration is now a hot topic of debate across the globe. While the movement of people across borders has been happening since the early times, the competition for resources and rise in insecurity has made this an emotive issue in modern society. If you are in college, your teacher might ask for an essay on immigration, and the task requires intense research to get it right. With so much information about the topic, you need a lot of time to filter what is necessary and form a solid argument for a winning paper.

Composing an essay is not the easiest of tasks for students due to the little time available. When it comes to a pertinent topic such as immigration, things get tougher because you have to present facts and relevant statistics to support your thesis. If you have an assignment to write an essay about immigration in US, this article provides some tips to get you started. Take a look at the following steps:

Read and Understand the Essay Question
You need to take time to go through the assignment requirements and seek clarifications if you need any. Here, you have to decide whether you need to write a definition, argumentative, cause and effect or a persuasive essay about immigration. Once you have understood the requirements, it is easier to get started on the research.

Topic and Thesis Research
There is so much to write about immigration, and this is one problem students will encounter. You have to examine different essay topics immigration and find one which is easy to develop into an essay. Likewise, you need to develop a strong thesis for your paper. The following are sample topics you can try out:

  1. Immigration does not hinder the national economy but rather helps it. Discuss
  2. Illegal immigration promotes terrorism. Is it true?
  3. The increase in illegal immigration is a not a problem to be solved by the U.S alone. Discuss
  4. Poor governance is to blame for increasing death of illegal immigrants.
  5. Write an essay about immigration causes and effects using concrete examples from contemporary society.
  6. Proper border security alone cannot stop illegal immigration.
  7. Providing access to public services to kids of illegal migrants is the right thing to do
  8. How effective would a border-wall between Mexico and the U.S. be in stopping illegal migration? Compose an essay about illegal immigration out of your answer to the question.
  9. Immigrants should blend in with American culture rather than holding on to their own culture to allow easier integration into the country.
  10. The U.S’s foundation rests on immigration and denying immigrants access to the country today is hypocritical. Write a paper agreeing or disagreeing with this statement.

Prepare For The Project
Like any academic project, you need to set time aside for your paper. Identify the materials you need including newspapers, magazines, videos, books, and papers on immigration. Current publications will provide the best basis for your paper. Create a schedule and dedicate time for the essay and you will find it easier to meet the deadline.

Seek Professional Writing Help
There are various credible online writing services which provide writing assistance to students. If you are stuck with your essay, find a reputable writing company and identify the type of writer you want. The partnership will help develop a strong paper on the issue.
Whether you have decided on an essay about immigration experience or any other topic, make sure you prepare adequately and seek help to compose a winning essay.

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Composing A Winning Academic Essay About Yourself Tue, 24 Jul 2018 08:05:06 +0000 You are familiar with writing academic essays. But this essay writing is drastically different from crafting your college admission essay. This is because your college application essay should reflect the real you, looking beyond your grades, academic career, prizes and extracurricular activities. In reality this is an ‘introduce yourself essay, which will create a positive image of you. If you feel that this is scary and impossible, here are some practical hints to help you.

The main difference from writing a college essay lies in understanding why the admission committee should consider you.

  • Write down the reasons why you want to get admitted to this college. Mark as ‘A’
  • Read the essay prompt over and again to understand what it wants. Write the requirements down and mark as ‘B’
  • Reflect on the points which describe you the best. Think about your strengths or how your friends describe you. Write the points down and mark as ‘C’
  • Place all the papers side by side and look for points which match best.
  • Select this point/s for further development. As you choose to tell your story, make this point/s your focus or topic.
  • Think and write down the points which support this topic. This will be the outline of your essay.

Like a college essay you should have a beginning, middle and end. Think about your introduction – what do you want to use? An anecdote? Incident? Quotation? Dialogue? A question? Your opening sentences will set the tone of your essay. It is better that you start with the option what comes to your mind naturally.
Once you have decided on the opening, revise the outline and jot down points which will flesh out the main points in your outline.

So you have an outline, a beginning and a rough idea about what to write. It is time that you start writing the essay. Let the words flow and don’t stop yourself! Keep it simple but follow your natural style and voice. This will incorporate a personal flair and make the essay sound real. Once you finish the draft, start revising. Or leave it up to professionals from Assignment Geek.

While editing keep your focus narrow and personal.

  • Stick to your main idea from beginning to end.
  • Be specific and avoid clichés and predictable phrases. Be vivid and detailed with facts, events, quotations, examples, and reasons.
  • Don’t lose the personal touch – be yourself as this is one important factor which will make your essay unique.
  • Be ruthless in cutting out the flab. At the same time check for inconsistency in style, language and grammar.
  • Proofread using specialized software.

Let your essay sit for the while your excitement of finishing the job cools and then revise your essay again. It will also help if you –

  • Get another person whose opinion you value to read the essay and note down their observations. This will help you to understand if your communication is clear.
  • Read your essay backwards. This may sound silly but it is a great to spot grammatical and typographical errors.
  • You can also try reading your essay loudly. This will help you find a typographical error as well as spot an incorrect punctuation.

Writing an application essay needs time and effort. You can look up examples on the net to get a better idea but search properly. You shouldn’t look for how to write an application. If you are still not confident then you can commission your essay to college essay help, but finding the right help for the job might be troublesome.

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Choosing An Interesting Topic For An Essay Definition Paper Tue, 17 Jul 2018 08:39:38 +0000 How do you prepare for a definition writing assignment? Writing a definition essay includes providing a clear definition of a subject or word. The purpose of the paper is to provide unique understanding about a word or concept through different examples or parables. You can define a word that has more than one meaning, but explore a meaning that others overlook or something you can add a spin based on personal knowledge or experience. Here are some tips to help create a topic for your paper or English essay including prompts to start your brainstorming process.

Quick Ways to Get Topic Ideas
When you’re in a hurry or you need inspiration fast there are a few things to consider to get some quick ideas. Finding the right topic doesn’t have to be difficult, but it helps to know options when considering research sources. Start with sources you have immediate access to such as books, magazines, and common websites you visit. Consider tips and advice from college university websites providing tips and advice for this form of writing. Use online databases with academic papers for essay topics and ideas. Keep in mind some of these sources may provide additional data you can use when preparing your main idea for writing.

10 Prompts for Writing and Brainstorming
When you don’t have any ideas or you’ve run out of creativity, a list of prompts can come to the rescue. Anytime when writing essays it is important to know your topic well. Writing your paper is easy with the right topic. There are many ideas to consider but your personal interests give hints on what to focus on. You can try writing about something outside of your comfort zone to make the project interesting. Brainstorming provides an opportunity to develop an original idea from scratch and explore something unique others may find useful. Many of the following prompts are commonly used in English essay writing.

  • Love.
  • Mindfulness.
  • Independence.
  • Respect.
  • Marriage.
  • Self-aware.
  • Willpower.
  • Natural beauty.
  • Heart.
  • Family.

Details to Remember
The previous ideas are basic things most people know about. The key is to do research to present something different that is new to you or useful to others. It may help to find papers previously written on the topic you want to write to get insight on how to present it differently. Use essay examples to see ways you can get creative with an idea. Review the purpose of a definition paper and make a list of ideas to write about. Research your ideas briefly to narrow down your selection. Consider a topic that presents a fresh viewpoint you want to share. Spend time gathering notes on an idea before determining if you want to write a full paper.

When preparing your topic remember to consider sources for data collection. When you have access to credible sources able to provide diverse content it makes writing easier. Use essay help services and support when you need assistance creating a topic. Consider a topic you know or understand from different viewpoints. Spend time developing your topic idea so your supporting points have a clear connection. Using samples early in the process helps plan an idea and an outline to use for rough draft creation.

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What Is An Essay Hook And Why Are They Needed For Writing? Mon, 09 Jul 2018 07:07:20 +0000 What is a hook and how is it presented in an academic paper? A hook is content that catches the eye of readers. It hooks them to a concept or idea to keep them reading. It can be written in different ways to keep readers interested in written content. A good hook will have detail that sparks interest in readers while posing an element of mystery and curiosity. So what is necessary when understanding the basics of how to write a hook? The following provides additional insight on how to develop a great hook and ways to incorporate it into your writing.

Read Sample Content to Learn about Hooks
One of the best ways to learn about hook writing is to review an essay introduction example. In order to get familiar with a hook it helps to read different forms of writing to understand how they are used. Look for sample content related to your topic to get ideas. Take notes on how you can introduce your topic and the type of hook you want to use.

Ways to Create a Hook
Understanding different ways to make a hook is important. Determining the type of hook to use depends on the tone and voice you plan to use for your topic. Here are a few ways to consider how to hook up content for your introduction.

  • Ask a question. A question about your topic may get readers thinking about what the answer may be. At the same time it should encourage readers to keep reading to learn what the answer is. There are many hook examples you can find in example papers using a question style hook.
  • Share a statistic. If you learned something significant about your topic share it in the form of a statistic. It may be a number, percentage, or general information about a specific group or entity to spark wonder and interest in readers.
  • Crack a joke. Some topics are easy for readers to get into when you start with a joke. Make it related to your main idea, but avoid making it offensive or controversial.
  • Present a true fact or statement. This is a common way to grab readers attention because it provides insight on something they may not know about or was least expected. They will want to continue reading to learn why the fact or statement is true.

Additional Insight
There are other ways to create something catchy for readers. You can learn how by reading different kinds of written content. Look for writing reference books explaining what is a hook in writing to learn more about writing hooks. Create different hooks for your intro and choose the best option.

A hook is important with any form of writing. It gives insight to readers on what to look forward to and what is significant about content that follows. The hook appears early in the introduction and often as the first sentence in the paragraph. The idea is to catch attention of the readers first thing as soon as they start reading. Once you understand a hook definition you can explore with possible ideas for your topic. If you’re not able to catch their attention early in the written content they may gain enough interest to continue reading.

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12 Good Essay Topics about a Famous Artist Mon, 04 Jul 2016 13:28:04 +0000 Your teacher of fine arts may ask you to write an essay about a famous artist. If they don’t specify what person to write about, it might be difficult for you to choose your topic because there are so many famous and talented artists. If you have problems with generating ideas, you may get inspiration from a good collection of sample topics.

A List of Essay Topics about Famous Artists

  1. The influence of Leonardo da Vinci on art and society.
  2. The impact of the mental illness on Vincent van Gogh’s paintings.
  3. Rembrandt: a religious artist.
  4. The effect of Michelangelo’s homosexuality on his art.
  5. The analysis of Claude Monet’s Water Lilies.
  6. Different styles of Pablo Picasso.
  7. The personification of the Renaissance in Raphael’s works.
  8. The analysis of The Umbrellas by Pierre-Auguste Renoir.
  9. Sandro Botticelli and his portraiture of women.
  10. The influence of Sigmund Freud’s philosophy on Salvador Dali’s works.
  11. Rubens and the Baroque period.
  12. Hieronymus Bosch and the depiction of human sins.

How to Write Your Essay

Once you’ve selected a topic for your academic work, you should take several other steps to complete your assignment successfully. If you organize your work in a wrong way, you might write a boring and ill-structured paper even if your topic is excellent. Here are the steps suggested by that you should follow:

  • Gather information.
  • Find reputable sources related to the topic of your academic paper and examine them. If you cannot find good sources, consult your teacher. Make notes during your analysis to indicate what you’ll include in your text.

  • Make an outline.
  • It’s recommended to plan the contents of your paper in advance. This way, it’ll be easier for you to structure it properly during the writing process. Make brief notes on a sheet of paper about what you want to write in each section of your text (introduction, body, and conclusion.)

  • Write a draft.
  • Make sure to compose a good introduction that draws the reader’s attention to your topic, informative body that elaborates on your thesis statement, and meaningful conclusion that summarizes your points. Create transitions between paragraphs so that your text flows smoothly.

  • Edit your draft.
  • Your first draft is likely to be far from perfect. First of all, rewrite all sentences that sound irrelevant to your topic or awkward. Once you’re satisfied with the general flow of your essay, detect and eliminate all grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. Format your paper according to the style mentioned by your teacher if needed.

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