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12 Good Essay Topics about a Famous Artist

Your teacher of fine arts may ask you to write an essay about a famous artist. If they don’t specify what person to write about, it might be difficult for you to choose your topic because there are so many famous and talented artists. If you have problems with generating ideas, you may get inspiration from a good collection of sample topics.

A List of Essay Topics about Famous Artists

  1. The influence of Leonardo da Vinci on art and society.
  2. The impact of the mental illness on Vincent van Gogh’s paintings.
  3. Rembrandt: a religious artist.
  4. The effect of Michelangelo’s homosexuality on his art.
  5. The analysis of Claude Monet’s Water Lilies.
  6. Different styles of Pablo Picasso.
  7. The personification of the Renaissance in Raphael’s works.
  8. The analysis of The Umbrellas by Pierre-Auguste Renoir.
  9. Sandro Botticelli and his portraiture of women.
  10. The influence of Sigmund Freud’s philosophy on Salvador Dali’s works.
  11. Rubens and the Baroque period.
  12. Hieronymus Bosch and the depiction of human sins.

How to Write Your Essay

Once you’ve selected a topic for your academic work, you should take several other steps to complete your assignment successfully. If you organize your work in a wrong way, you might write a boring and ill-structured paper even if your topic is excellent. Here are the steps suggested by Mypaperdone.com that you should follow:

  • Gather information.
  • Find reputable sources related to the topic of your academic paper and examine them. If you cannot find good sources, consult your teacher. Make notes during your analysis to indicate what you’ll include in your text.

  • Make an outline.
  • It’s recommended to plan the contents of your paper in advance. This way, it’ll be easier for you to structure it properly during the writing process. Make brief notes on a sheet of paper about what you want to write in each section of your text (introduction, body, and conclusion.)

  • Write a draft.
  • Make sure to compose a good introduction that draws the reader’s attention to your topic, informative body that elaborates on your thesis statement, and meaningful conclusion that summarizes your points. Create transitions between paragraphs so that your text flows smoothly.

  • Edit your draft.
  • Your first draft is likely to be far from perfect. First of all, rewrite all sentences that sound irrelevant to your topic or awkward. Once you’re satisfied with the general flow of your essay, detect and eliminate all grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. Format your paper according to the style mentioned by your teacher if needed.

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