November 6

Step-By-Step Guide To Writing A Professional Narrative Essay

The narrative essay aims to inform the reader about events, interactions, and experience during a particular period. Before any writing starts, prepare while reading the most relevant resources and databases. The main task is to research thoroughly enough to plan the most effective essay title.

The narrative essay represents the personal tone and it is written in the ‘’I’’ active voice. A narrative may be presented in words or other mediums such as photos, film, songs, cartoons, etc.  It is advisable to start in chronological order. 

The most important elements that provide a good story are the setting, theme, mood, characters, and plot. The introduction starts with the narrative hook and the thesis. In the body, the paragraph explains how you tell your story and include transitional sentences. The transitional sentences are important to signal the end of the action in one paragraph and to provide a link to the action of the next paragraph.   

The brainstorming

At first, related events. Use vivid details to describe people, places, and events. Use the first-person point of view from the perspective of the narrator.  Further, suggest or explain the importance of the experience. Develop a plot and include one or more characters. Include the dialogue – it is important in developing a qualitative narrative story. Try to define what kind of language the characters are and avoid a vague and meaningless dialogue. In the body paragraphs, develop a plot story for the narrative. Start the description of the action with the main story of the conflict. Develop the main character by expressing his/her thoughts, actions, thoughts, words through a conflict. In the conclusion, elaborate on the final statement of the essay topic.

The style and design 

The initial step is to prepare a plan and focus on the writing task as soon as possible. The most common mistake may be that students find a top article and just paraphrase it without any proper literature research. 

The main structure of an essay is the introductory part, main body paragraph 1, main body paragraph 2 and the conclusion. 

To improve editing of an essay, apply the following advice: start editing afterward the essay has been written, do not use the terms of multiple meanings, paraphrase when it is hard to grasp the sense, reconsider the essay structure and find the repeats in the text.

Write the essay using the first-person voice “I”. Concentrate on figures’ speeches (similes, metaphors, and analogies). The use of strong, active verbs and powerful, precise modifiers is of great value. 

Editing the essay

If proofreading, check grammar by yourself or an expert. Remove double spacing and replace misspellings with appropriate words. 

The most successful narrative essays are the ones in regards to life-changing  situations such as weddings, achievements, death, etc. 

November 6

Fortnite Tips to Become Good at Fast Essay Writing

The art of writing an essay may be compared to the Fortnite game. Similar skills are required. The essay’s basic model consists of the introduction that narrows to thesis, minimum 2 body paragraphs, topic sentences, and detailed information. In conclusion, describe the main thesis, define again, and conclude. Always bear in mind the necessity to produce unique content, check essays in the plagiarism tool, and add quotes if necessary. Master the art of paraphrasing – it minimizes plagiarism and expands vocabulary usage. 

In the case of an essay needs to be written fast, focus on the task, and make sure that your everyday activities are on hold or reorganized. Please focus on the task and do not get distracted until finished, or at least half of it is written. Think about the ideas and brainstorm the first draft. Separate the main essay parts to speed up the pace of the writing process. Read and research multiple sources to save your time, gain a lot of ideas, more information on the topic, learn more about the subject, and have a different perspective.  

More precisely, you must be able to make the best of every situation and be patient in case of a failure. In that case, think of it as if a football game has gone wrong and wait for the next one. So, being a beginner may pose a bit difficult quest at the beginning of the game. Similarly, a need to develop the game skills is of the utmost importance for a writer of an essay. Time management is highly important to master. To manage and control all the necessary skills, a lot of effort is required. Typing speed, creative ideas, and the art of proofreading in case of fast essay composition.  The strategy of each game requires you to think in advance. 

If the essay needs to be written fast, usually thorough research and preparation are skipped, and the writing begins immediately. The basic skills in regards to communication and cooperation are necessary for this tactical approach. 

The importance of learning strategies, as well as problem-solving, is highlighted.  Most players are prone to reach out the online guides and manuals to improve their gaming skills. The same goes for essay writing – libraries, databases, and other online and offline resources. 

The other face of the game may teach us that there is just bad luck if failure arises in certain cases. The main recommendation is not to panic, collect materials and guidelines, clearly understand the topic, write a brief plan, and use bullets and headings. At a glance, jump on the literature, articles, and books to help you have a quick, informative start. Use simple words as much as possible. Introduce your idea, do not plagiarise, and paraphrase if applicable. In case you are stuck at a certain point, do not hesitate to ask a friend, family, or mentor to provide feedback. 

Of great importance is to follow the basic draft, write the thesis, and provide relevant evidence to support it. In conclusion, summarize the most relevant data.

November 6

How to Write a Synthesis Essay

Synthesis represents the combination of separate elements or substances to produce a more coherent paper structure.  A synthesis essay combines 3 or more sources to explain the central thesis. The main aim of a synthesis essay is to accurately present information from the sources with the use of a variety of phrases and sentences. 

 The process of writing a synthesis essay is through research or other available resources such as books, journals or online databases.  A thesis statement is one declarative sentence that expresses what the readers need to understand. It represents the main idea of the essay. 

Before any writing, gather all the necessary information on the given topic. Get acquainted with other individual opinions and jot down a summary of each resource.  Focus on brainstorming, questions or maps to start a writing point. Paraphrase as much as possible. That means restating someone else’s words with a credit. 

Types of an essay synthesis 

There are several types of synthesis essays: argument synthesis, review, and an explanatory or background synthesis. An argument synthesis is a type of essay with a strong thesis statement. A review is most commonly written in a form of an argument synthesis. The explanatory essay is a type of essay that helps readers to categorize facts and present them further.

The essay structure

A synthesis essay must be organized to understand the sources and evaluate the thesis. A synthesis essay is composed of the introduction, the body paragraph and a conclusion. The introduction consists of a thesis sentence that summarizes the focus of the synthesis paper. It provides the title of each source and certain background information.  

The body paragraph starts with a topic sentence and includes information from more than one source. The conclusion has a concluding paragraph that restates the thesis in different words and summarizes topics.

The body paragraph consists of the topic sentence that highlights the main idea of the paragraph. It consists further of the concrete details, commentary and the concluding or transition sentence.  A good paragraph uses strong transition words that help the audience to understand the ideas. 

The transition words are for example, thus, in summary, for instance, because of this, hence, consequently, as a result, therefore etc.

The writing steps

First, understand the concept of a synthesis essay and its purpose. Then choose a topic most suitable for a synthesis essay with several sources related. Then, choose and read the resources in a detailed manner.  The most successful writing process depends on the quality of an outline for this kind of an essay.  Write in the third person. 

In the introductory paragraph start with a hook sentence, then overview the issue to be discussed. In the body paragraphs, focus on the topic sentence, explain and add an opinion of the topic sentence. In the conclusion paragraph, state the further significance of the topic and explain the evidence and reasons discussed in the essay. 

Finally, appropriately edit the paper – check the grammar errors and proofread the paper.

August 3

Captivating Argumentative Essay Subjects

Humans express themselves through speech. Making arguments is one of the ways of expression. Arguments can also be through essay speech write-ups. It is an avenue that is important to students. A good Argumentative essay leaves a reader questioning their opinion. Some even change their standpoint. The topic articulation has to capture the mood and entice readers to go through the work. Subjects can cover issues experienced in everyday life, political, social, and economic aspects. It is also essential to do enough research on the topic. People may have different opinions about different subjects. Here are some subject ideas.

Education Essay subjects

The education sector keeps evolving. The subjects affect everyone, and every person has a different experience. Here are some topics in education.

  • Should schools sanction vending machines?
  • How is the education of a child affected by their parents’ poverty?
  • Why are policy markers emphasizing on STEM education
  • Gender effects on education
  • Traditional discipline: does it work on learners?
  • Is homeschooling disadvantageous to learners?

Parenting Essay Subjects

Each parent has an idea of what measures to take when their kids are growing up. Here are different ideas that bring about arguments.

  • Is paternity leave valuable?
  • Getting childcare costs lowered in the USA
  • What are the best parenting methods?
  • Different parenting methods parents can get from each other across different cultures
  • How are literacy skills affected by successful parenting?
  • Public breastfeeding: is it acceptable?

Women’s Issues Subjects

Modern women have come out to fight for equality.  Many activists and scholars do not feel like they have achieved equality yet. Hence there are many topics one can write about in their essay.

  • Abortion: is it lawful?
  • Should religious establishments provide contraceptive methods for female employees?
  • Should women use the emergency contraceptive pill?
  • Should employers pay male and female employees equally?
  • Is legal prostitution considered a females’ rights issue?
  • What challenges do women face in their places of work?
  • Is maternity leave too long or too short?

Legal Essay Subjects

Many people may differ with various laws put into place. Law keeps evolving, and people have different opinions. Here are some topics on law issues.

  • Should the legalization of marijuana go through?
  • Should individuals choose whether they want to live or die?
  • What should the legal drinking age be?
  • Should the law enforce hash punishment on doping athletes?
  • Should religious establishments not pay taxes?
  • Is the death sentence justified?
  • Should prisoners vote after imprisonment?

Technology Essay Subjects

Technology has advanced, and the modern world depends on it. But, apart from making work easier, some people are cautious of today’s technology. Here are some technology argumentative topics.

  • Is society depending more on technology? Is it making society dumber?
  • Should schools allow the use of smartphones?
  • Effects of technology on child development
  • Has technology killed print media?
  • Has technology rendered manual labor redundant?

Culture and Society Essay subjects

Nothing is flawless, and we only try to make the best of what we have. The main challenge is, people’s thoughts differ. Here are some excellent argumentative topics.

  • Is sex education necessary in public schools?
  • Is affirmative action necessary?
  • Is it possible to rehabilitate sex offenders?
  • Should the Electoral Institution go away?
  • Should the USA have an official language?


Choosing a topic that you are enthusiastic about makes it easier to write your essay. Seeking professional help is also crucial while writing and researching about an argumentative subject. The topics above are perfect for getting you started.

August 3

Acute opinion essay topics to explore

For opinion essays, you should state your thoughts on the issue you are discussing and bolster it with relevant facts and examples. All problems you have robust feelings about can be an acute opinion essay topics. However, like choosing any topic, critical opinion essay topics can be challenging to identify; hence writing the essay becomes a nightmare. The following list contains suggested topics for an acute opinion essay.

  1. The lawful age for taking alcohol should go down. Do you accept this suggestion?
  2. Modern culture is an existential threat to childhood. Critique this statement
  3. Is the practice of rewarding students with good grades and punishing one bad grade effective?
  4. They say older people can learn from young people. What can your grandparents learn from you?
  5. They say the sky is the opportunity. What problems can your school principal improve to make school life more bearable?
  6. The conditions in your town can improve. What matters can the town clerk of your town address
  7. Apart from defending the sovereignty of a country, military forces can help the community in exceptional circumstances. In your views, what are these circumstances?
  8. Our country is moving in the wrong direction. Is this statement agreeable with your opinion?
  9. Poor and rich people have treated indifferently by the criminal justice system. Is this statement congenial with your opinion?
  10. The rich people in our society ought to pay more taxes to contribute to our economy’s growth. Is this statement suitable for your opinion?
  11. The death penalty is a needed punishment in exceptional cases. Is this statement congenial with your opinion?
  12. The perceptions of sports gambling are controversial. What is your view of this kind of betting?
  13. A concession is a signal of weakness. Is this statement agreeable with your opinion?
  14. Currently, schools fail to motivate students to be innovative. Explain the probable cause for this scenario.
  15. An examination is not the best way to assess a student’s mastery of content. Is this statement agreeable with your opinion?
  16. Unemployed youth have taken to sports betting with pomp, and this behavior will lead to lazy generation. Is this statement congenial with your opinion?
  17. If you want to cover syllabus content, on-time school days ought to be longer. Is this statement suitable for your opinion?
  18. Schools tend to use ineffective techniques to punish misbehaving students. Which disciplinary methods will you suggest to schools?
  19. We should review primary and secondary school curriculum. What is your suggestion to the review board?
  20. Overuse of technology, especially social medial platforms, instant messaging services, and video conferencing platforms, make us lonely. Is this statement agreeable with your opinion?
  21. Research shows that smoking is a grave problem among teenagers. How can we help these teenagers?
  22. People fail to listen to each other nowadays because they think they know everything. Why and how does this happen
  23. As a people, we should strive to address our issues head-on and avoid complaining. Is this statement agreeable with your opinion?
  24. They say hard work is more significant than talent. Is this statement congenial with your opinion?
  25. The gap between the poor and the rich widens; this creates many social problems, especially insecurity. Is this statement suitable for your opinion?


The above topics are the best way to write an excellent essay—all the best in your writing.

August 3

How to Write a Captivating Narrative Essay

Narrative essays or speeches are some of the most common types of literature assigned to students. They normally entail writing a story based on one’s past experiences. In order to engage the readers, you can opt to use anecdotes which would make the story more relatable to them. Using emotional intrigue is another brilliant way to ensure that your audience is thoroughly entertained. There are various ways a writer can achieve this but perhaps the easiest method is through the use of humor, sarcasm, or even using a serious tone. Also, employing plenty of vivid descriptions is a sure-fire way of livening your essay. 

A good narrative essay has to have three basic elements; they have a central theme, a clear timeline for every event, and plenty of details to support the main points. It’s not uncommon to encounter lengthy narrative essays which can be a couple of pages long; nevertheless, these essays can just be as short and still maintain their relevance. Five paragraphs are enough to make a narrative essay effective. The structure of these pieces of literature still conforms to the general essay outline. Here’s a brief description of the outline of narrative essays have.

The Introductory Paragraph

This is the opening clause of your essay which consists of the hook and the thesis statement. The main purpose of the hook is to grab the attention of your readers; In order to create a good hook, be sure to use quotes or facts that’ll ignite the interest of your readers. To end your introductory paragraph, provide some information on what your story is based on.

The Body Paragraphs

This is the core of your essay, usually made up of at least three paragraphs. It’s where you share relevant details and arguments that support the entire essay.

The Concluding Paragraph

This is the last paragraph of your narrative where you should summarize the important details you presented in the body.

Possible Essay Topics

Many people find it hard to select the appropriate topic to write on. To help you get started, here are a few narrative essay topics you can use in your writing.

  • An experience that shaped your character when growing up
  • The moment you discovered your parents were right
  • A description of a place you like to relax in private 
  • A tragedy that you narrowly escaped
  • The most memorable trip you went on as a child
  • A bucket list adventure you’d love to take
  • The thing that you can’t survive without
  • Your dream career
  • An event that changed your perspective on life
  • An unforgettable trip
  • A mortifying experience
  • The first or last time at school or work
  • A devastating meeting presentation
  • A terrifying experience

Final Thought

Narrative essays are some of the most interesting articles to write. Once you properly understand its structural requirements and the purpose it intends to achieve, the process of writing it becomes effortless. If you encounter any problem when writing such essays, using the principles mentioned above can greatly help you with your writing.