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Captivating Argumentative Essay Subjects

Humans express themselves through speech. Making arguments is one of the ways of expression. Arguments can also be through essay speech write-ups. It is an avenue that is important to students. A good Argumentative essay leaves a reader questioning their opinion. Some even change their standpoint. The topic articulation has to capture the mood and entice readers to go through the work. Subjects can cover issues experienced in everyday life, political, social, and economic aspects. It is also essential to do enough research on the topic. People may have different opinions about different subjects. Here are some subject ideas.

Education Essay subjects

The education sector keeps evolving. The subjects affect everyone, and every person has a different experience. Here are some topics in education.

  • Should schools sanction vending machines?
  • How is the education of a child affected by their parents’ poverty?
  • Why are policy markers emphasizing on STEM education
  • Gender effects on education
  • Traditional discipline: does it work on learners?
  • Is homeschooling disadvantageous to learners?

Parenting Essay Subjects

Each parent has an idea of what measures to take when their kids are growing up. Here are different ideas that bring about arguments.

  • Is paternity leave valuable?
  • Getting childcare costs lowered in the USA
  • What are the best parenting methods?
  • Different parenting methods parents can get from each other across different cultures
  • How are literacy skills affected by successful parenting?
  • Public breastfeeding: is it acceptable?

Women’s Issues Subjects

Modern women have come out to fight for equality.  Many activists and scholars do not feel like they have achieved equality yet. Hence there are many topics one can write about in their essay.

  • Abortion: is it lawful?
  • Should religious establishments provide contraceptive methods for female employees?
  • Should women use the emergency contraceptive pill?
  • Should employers pay male and female employees equally?
  • Is legal prostitution considered a females’ rights issue?
  • What challenges do women face in their places of work?
  • Is maternity leave too long or too short?

Legal Essay Subjects

Many people may differ with various laws put into place. Law keeps evolving, and people have different opinions. Here are some topics on law issues.

  • Should the legalization of marijuana go through?
  • Should individuals choose whether they want to live or die?
  • What should the legal drinking age be?
  • Should the law enforce hash punishment on doping athletes?
  • Should religious establishments not pay taxes?
  • Is the death sentence justified?
  • Should prisoners vote after imprisonment?

Technology Essay Subjects

Technology has advanced, and the modern world depends on it. But, apart from making work easier, some people are cautious of today’s technology. Here are some technology argumentative topics.

  • Is society depending more on technology? Is it making society dumber?
  • Should schools allow the use of smartphones?
  • Effects of technology on child development
  • Has technology killed print media?
  • Has technology rendered manual labor redundant?

Culture and Society Essay subjects

Nothing is flawless, and we only try to make the best of what we have. The main challenge is, people’s thoughts differ. Here are some excellent argumentative topics.

  • Is sex education necessary in public schools?
  • Is affirmative action necessary?
  • Is it possible to rehabilitate sex offenders?
  • Should the Electoral Institution go away?
  • Should the USA have an official language?


Choosing a topic that you are enthusiastic about makes it easier to write your essay. Seeking professional help is also crucial while writing and researching about an argumentative subject. The topics above are perfect for getting you started.

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