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How to Write a Captivating Narrative Essay

Narrative essays or speeches are some of the most common types of literature assigned to students. They normally entail writing a story based on one’s past experiences. In order to engage the readers, you can opt to use anecdotes which would make the story more relatable to them. Using emotional intrigue is another brilliant way to ensure that your audience is thoroughly entertained. There are various ways a writer can achieve this but perhaps the easiest method is through the use of humor, sarcasm, or even using a serious tone. Also, employing plenty of vivid descriptions is a sure-fire way of livening your essay. 

A good narrative essay has to have three basic elements; they have a central theme, a clear timeline for every event, and plenty of details to support the main points. It’s not uncommon to encounter lengthy narrative essays which can be a couple of pages long; nevertheless, these essays can just be as short and still maintain their relevance. Five paragraphs are enough to make a narrative essay effective. The structure of these pieces of literature still conforms to the general essay outline. Here’s a brief description of the outline of narrative essays have.

The Introductory Paragraph

This is the opening clause of your essay which consists of the hook and the thesis statement. The main purpose of the hook is to grab the attention of your readers; In order to create a good hook, be sure to use quotes or facts that’ll ignite the interest of your readers. To end your introductory paragraph, provide some information on what your story is based on.

The Body Paragraphs

This is the core of your essay, usually made up of at least three paragraphs. It’s where you share relevant details and arguments that support the entire essay.

The Concluding Paragraph

This is the last paragraph of your narrative where you should summarize the important details you presented in the body.

Possible Essay Topics

Many people find it hard to select the appropriate topic to write on. To help you get started, here are a few narrative essay topics you can use in your writing.

  • An experience that shaped your character when growing up
  • The moment you discovered your parents were right
  • A description of a place you like to relax in private 
  • A tragedy that you narrowly escaped
  • The most memorable trip you went on as a child
  • A bucket list adventure you’d love to take
  • The thing that you can’t survive without
  • Your dream career
  • An event that changed your perspective on life
  • An unforgettable trip
  • A mortifying experience
  • The first or last time at school or work
  • A devastating meeting presentation
  • A terrifying experience

Final Thought

Narrative essays are some of the most interesting articles to write. Once you properly understand its structural requirements and the purpose it intends to achieve, the process of writing it becomes effortless. If you encounter any problem when writing such essays, using the principles mentioned above can greatly help you with your writing. 

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