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How To Craft An Interesting Essay Introduction Paragraph

An essay introduction paragraph determines whether are reader keeps reading or abandons your paper. In fact, it is used as a hook to capture the attention of readers and compel them to read beyond the introduction. This is why expert writers insist on a lot of attention going into this paragraph.
There are strict requirements for an introduction to make it captivating. The essay introduction structure requires you to adhere to the following.

  • It should be brief- it provides a snippet of what to expect in the entire paper. This should be done briefly to avoid preempting what is contained in the body. A good introduction example will help you decide on the best length. Remember that the length depends on that of your entire paper. A longer paper will feature more paragraphs of introduction. A short paper requires a few sentences.
  • Arouse curiosity- use the introduction to make your reader curious of your ideas. This is done by giving hints of what is coming in the body. In fact, this is why objective questions are included in the introduction paragraph. They leave the reader longing to peruse through the body of your work to get more details. Use an essay introduction outline to know the ideas that go into the introduction and those to be included in the body.
  • Sets the pace- the introduction determines the perception a reader will have of your work. From your narrative essay introduction a reader will determine the perspective you adapt in your writing. This sets expectations that should be met in your writing.

Each introduction is unique. Only the captivating introductions will add value to a paper. In fact, an introduction that is mundane will kill the prospects of a paper that has excellent points. Here are ideas you can use to spice up your introduction.

Tell a Story
Stories are memorable and help to put an idea into perspective. Open your paper with a story that is relevant to your topic of discussion. The mystery in the story or images used will help readers to begin thinking about what each character in your story represents in real life. This story must be short to avoid distracting the reader and also relevant to the topic.

Uses Statistics or Figures
A few statistics or figures will tell a lot about a subject. Look out for proofread essay introduction samples that use statistics or figures to tell a story that would require a thousand words. The statistics must be credible and obtained from an authoritative source. Any compromise will put your facts and conclusions in doubt.

Give a quote
Quotes from authorities in an industry give credence to an argument. The quote should relate to your subject for it to have an impact. However, it may also be controversial to allow you spend the body of your paper justifying your position and dispelling others. The quote must be accurate and not taken out of context.

Raise Controversy or Contradiction
There are phrases peddled around so much that you would think they are verified. Raise the hairs of your readers by giving such a contradicting statement to open your paper. People are alert and will want to see what you mean. They will dig deeper into your paper.

Use an essay introduction generator to make the paragraph captivating to read. The generator captures your main points and helps you to make the opening statement interesting. The best time to craft an introduction is after completing the body. You have a better idea of what to introduce. Reach best essay and thesis services
to save your time and get excellent grades.

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