November 6

Step-By-Step Guide To Writing A Professional Narrative Essay

The narrative essay aims to inform the reader about events, interactions, and experience during a particular period. Before any writing starts, prepare while reading the most relevant resources and databases. The main task is to research thoroughly enough to plan the most effective essay title.

The narrative essay represents the personal tone and it is written in the ‘’I’’ active voice. A narrative may be presented in words or other mediums such as photos, film, songs, cartoons, etc.  It is advisable to start in chronological order. 

The most important elements that provide a good story are the setting, theme, mood, characters, and plot. The introduction starts with the narrative hook and the thesis. In the body, the paragraph explains how you tell your story and include transitional sentences. The transitional sentences are important to signal the end of the action in one paragraph and to provide a link to the action of the next paragraph.   

The brainstorming

At first, related events. Use vivid details to describe people, places, and events. Use the first-person point of view from the perspective of the narrator.  Further, suggest or explain the importance of the experience. Develop a plot and include one or more characters. Include the dialogue – it is important in developing a qualitative narrative story. Try to define what kind of language the characters are and avoid a vague and meaningless dialogue. In the body paragraphs, develop a plot story for the narrative. Start the description of the action with the main story of the conflict. Develop the main character by expressing his/her thoughts, actions, thoughts, words through a conflict. In the conclusion, elaborate on the final statement of the essay topic.

The style and design 

The initial step is to prepare a plan and focus on the writing task as soon as possible. The most common mistake may be that students find a top article and just paraphrase it without any proper literature research. 

The main structure of an essay is the introductory part, main body paragraph 1, main body paragraph 2 and the conclusion. 

To improve editing of an essay, apply the following advice: start editing afterward the essay has been written, do not use the terms of multiple meanings, paraphrase when it is hard to grasp the sense, reconsider the essay structure and find the repeats in the text.

Write the essay using the first-person voice “I”. Concentrate on figures’ speeches (similes, metaphors, and analogies). The use of strong, active verbs and powerful, precise modifiers is of great value. 

Editing the essay

If proofreading, check grammar by yourself or an expert. Remove double spacing and replace misspellings with appropriate words. 

The most successful narrative essays are the ones in regards to life-changing  situations such as weddings, achievements, death, etc. 

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